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Charter: Pay As You Go

Date of publication: 19.11.2023

Pay As You Go: What's included?


If you are in need of a reliable and convenient bus rental service for your upcoming trip, look no further. We are proud to offer you the perfect solution that caters to all your needs and preferences. Our most popular plan, the Pay As You Go Rate, ensures maximum flexibility and convenience for your travel around the country. With the Pay As You Go Rate plan, you have the freedom to update your itinerary at any time.

 Whether you have a change of plans or decide to explore a different destination, our service allows you to make adjustments on the go. No need to worry about sticking to a fixed schedule or missing out on any exciting opportunities that come your way. For only ₾945 per day, you will have access to a top-quality bus along with a professional and experienced driver. Our buses are well-maintained, comfortable, and equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your journey enjoyable. You can sit back, relax, and leave the driving to our capable hands.

 It is important to note that additional costs such as fuel, parking fees, and water for passengers will be charged separately. This ensures transparency in our pricing and allows you to pay only for what you actually need. We believe in providing a cost-effective solution that aligns with your specific requirements.       

You can request charter via online form or at the ticket office at the bus station.


Central Bus Station 
Apron No. 2
Address: Tbilisi, Gulia St. 5



Central Railway Station
(Batumi Central)
Main Entrance.
Address: Batumi, St. Odyssey Dimitriades 3 
If you are wondering whether chartering is the right option for you, we have compiled some of the most common questions and answers that can help you make an informed decision.
I need only Airport transfer from Tbilisi International Airport to hotel. What will be the rate?
If you are only using the airport transfer service, the rate will be 50% of the Pay As You Go rate.

I’m planning a multi-day trip that involves local sightseeing tours and cross-country travel to Batumi. 

Is it possible to negotiate a charter rate that covers the entire duration of my trip? 


Let's take a look at typical 5-day trip:

Day 1: Airport Transfer Tbilisi Airport → Hotel
Day 2: Mtskheta/Gori Day tour, Dinner → Hotel
Day 3: Tbilisi- Kutaisi- Batumi → Hotel
Day 4: Batumi (free time, no bus needed)
Day 5: Batumi →Tbilisi Airport Transfer


Here is the price breakdown for this trip:

DaysKmWaterRateFuelService Extra*Total/Day
18540₾472,5₾115.6₾16₾15 ₾619,1
349580₾945₾673,2₾32 ₾1650,2
400N/A00 N/A
540080₾945₾544₾32₾15 ₾1536

Total cost* of this trip is: 5055,70 GEL or average 1011,14 GEL per day.


  • Since trip on Day 1 involves only local airport transfer in Tbilisi, it can be considered as Transfer Day, so 50% of Pay As You Go plan is selected.
  • Since during the trip it was mandatory to pay some parking fees, we added that charge to account.
  • Fuel Charge is calculated as 40L/100KM with published Euro Diesel price ₾3,40 (price by date of publication).
  • Water charge added as ₾0,40 per individual water cup (price by date of publication).
  • Driver accommodation is not included and provided by charterer.
  • All prices shown including 18% V.A.T.


 What if my day trip is more than 700km? 
Maximum of 700 km per day or 9 hrs. driving per day is allowed for your bus driver due to regulations. If your trip is more than 700 km per day, second driver is required. In this case, additional charge of ₾100/Day will be added to account.
 I have a multiple day trip, but I don't need a bus for a few days between travels. What is the charge for unused or Idle Days?  
If Idle day is negotiated* before trip, there is no charge for a maximum of 1(one) idle day per trip. Every additional idle day is 50% of Pay As You Go Daily rate. 
*NOTE: If Idle Day occurs as result of unexpected change of plan and not negotiated before trip start, or any other circumstances, not related to government restrictions or bus breakdown, standard Pay As You Go daily rate apply.

What service will be available on board? 

All our buses equipped with on-board Wi-Fi & entertainment system which allows passengers to connect to free internet* and enjoy our entertainment portal loaded with various entertainment options on own devices. 
We will load our refrigerators with mineral/drinking individual packaged water cups (0,2l). Passengers are free to drink/use water any time they need. Water service charge will be charged to account.
If requested, we can provide Attendant-on-Board service, where Bus Attendant will serve passengers with tea & coffee during the trip. Service and Attendant Fee will be charged to account (Attendant ₾80/Day +Tea & Coffee Cost)

*Note: Internet availability may vary depending on local coverage.

Do I need to pay deposit before trip? 

Yes, you will be required to pay deposit from total amount of Pay As You Go Rate multiply by number of days. All additional charges will be added to account after trip is completed.


Can I check trip mileage?

Yes, GPS data report with mileage calculation will be added to final invoice.

How can I pay for charter?

You can pay via bank transfer, please use following credentials:

Account number:

 TBC Bank GE37TB7007636080100018
 Bank of Georgia GE70BG0000000540891338



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