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Charters: Ultimate Georgia

Date of publication: 18.11.2023

Ultimate Georgia: What's included?


If you are looking for a bus rental service, we have the perfect solution for you. Our most popular plan for domestic trips around the Country is the Ultimate Georgia Rate plan. For only ₾2500 per day, you get a bus with a driver and fuel, up to 400 km of domestic travel per day, parking fees and unlimited water for passengers. Optional service on board (Includes Attendant on board, free Tea & Coffee) can be requested free of charge. This plan is ideal for long sightseeing tours, corporate events, school trips and more.      

You can request charter via online form or at the ticket office at the bus station.


Central Bus Station 
Apron No. 2
Address: Tbilisi, Gulia St. 5



Central Railway Station
(Batumi Central)
Main Entrance.
Address: Batumi, St. Odyssey Dimitriades 3 
If you are wondering whether chartering is the right option for you, we have compiled some of the most common questions and answers that can help you make an informed decision.
I need only Airport transfer from Tbilisi International Airport to hotel. What will be the rate?
If you are only using the airport transfer service, the rate will be 50% of the Basic Local Day rate.
I’m planning a multi-day trip that involves local sightseeing tours and cross-country travel to Batumi. Is it possible to negotiate a charter rate that covers the entire duration of my trip? 


You can combine rates according to your needs. Let's take a look at typical 5-day trip:

Day 1: Airport Transfer Tbilisi Airport → Hotel
Day 2: Mtskheta/Gori Day tour, Dinner → Hotel
Day 3: Tbilisi- Kutaisi- Batumi → Hotel
Day 4: Batumi (free time, no bus needed)
Day 5: Batumi →Tbilisi Airport Transfer


Here is the price breakdown for this trip:

Day 1: ₾750 Transfer (50% of Basic Local Rate*) 
Day 2: ₾1500 Basic Local Charter* Rate 
Day 3: ₾2500Ultimate Georgia Rate 
Day 4: N/AStandby day: no charge 
Day 5: ₾2500 Ultimate Georgia Rate 

Total cost* of this trip is: 7250 GEL or average 1450 GEL per day.


  • Since trip on Day 1 involves only local airport transfer in Tbilisi, it can be considered as Transfer Day, so 50% of Basic Local Charter Rate plan is selected.
  • Since trip on Day 2 involves only local travel, it can be considered as Local Day, so Basic Local Charter Rate plan is selected.
  • Driver accommodation is not included and provided by charterer.
  • All prices shown including 18% V.A.T.


 There is only 400 km/day is included to this rate. What if our day trip is more than 400km? 
If your trip is more than 400km a day, 200 GEL will be added to final bill for each 50 km over the 400km limit. Please note that maximum of 700 km per day or 9 hrs. driving per day is allowed for your bus driver due to regulations.
 I have a multiple day trip. Can I credit unused kilometers from previous day?  
Yes! We will summarize entire trip length and compare with total trip allowance.
Example 1:
Day 1: 250 km, Day 2: 450 km, Day 4: 150 km, Day 5: 320 km
For 5-day trip with Ultimate Georgia Rate, maximum length of trip included to rate is 5 X 400 km = 2000km. In this case, above, actual mileage is 1170 km, hence extra kilometers will be not charged, even on Day 2 limit is exceeded.
Note: Since airport transfer day rate is 50% of Basic Local Rate, mileage allowance is also reduced by 50% for that day.
Example 2:
Day 1: 550 km, Day 2: 550 km, Day 4: 450 km, Day 5: 500 km
For 5-day trip with Ultimate Georgia Rate, maximum length of trip included to rate is 5 X 400 km = 2000km. In this case, above, actual mileage is 2050 km, hence extra kilometers will be charged as follow: 50km exceedance (50 km = 200GEL). 
Note: Mileage shown above is almost unreachable for Georgia Domestic travel and is extremely rare. With this plan 99.9% of trips will not need extra mileage.

What service will be available on board? 

All our buses equipped with on-board Wi-Fi & entertainment system which allows passengers to connect to free internet* and enjoy our entertainment portal loaded with various entertainment options on own devices. 
We will load our refrigerators with mineral/drinking individual packaged water cups (0,2l). Passengers are free to drink/use water any time they need.
If requested, we can provide Attendant-on-Board service, where Bus Attendant will serve passengers with tea & coffee during the trip.

*Note: Internet availability may vary depending on local coverage.

Do I need to pay deposit before trip? 

Yes, you will be required to pay 50% deposit from total amount of estimated trip cost mentioned in initial estimate invoice.


How can I pay for charter?

You can pay via bank transfer, please use following credentials:

Account number:

 TBC Bank GE37TB7007636080100018
 Bank of Georgia GE70BG0000000540891338



Ready for Charter?

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